El Calafate - Perito Moreno Glacier


A majestic tour to see from the distance, descending along walkways or stairs, and appreciate the different unforgettable views of the glacier.

At the agreed time, we pick you up at your hotel in modern vehicles with a bilingual tourist guide. We will travel for 80 km until we arrive at the glacier located inside the Los Glaciares National Park.
From the beginning, the trip offers nice surprises. When leaving El Calafate, to the right, the Argentino Lake with its rounded bay can be seen. There you can see a broad variety of birds and fauna, mainly black-necked swans, flamencos, Fuegian steamer duck, white-winged coots, and upland geese.
It is also noticeable the yellow color of the fields which are covered by a type of grass called coirón that gives them that peculiar look.
During the first 40 km we drive through the Patagonian steppe. When entering the National Park a change in vegetation can be observed, now mostly formed by ñires, Magellan's beech and lengas (from the nothofagus family), winter's bark and different color flowers, among which the Chilean firetree stands out, with its intense red color is a typical flower of the Patagonian Andean forests.
Once in the glacier, you will be amazed by its grandeur, and descending along walkways or stairs, you can appreciate the different unforgettable views of the glacier.

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