El Calafate - Perito Moreno Glacier

Big Ice

A must-do experience where you can see blue lagoons, deep crevasses, huge gullies, magical caves, and experience the special feeling of being in the heart of a glacier.

This amazing experience begins in the embarking pier located in “Bajo de las Sombras” early in the morning, where you embark for a 20-minute navigation across the Rico arm. After disembarking on the west shore, the walk begins following the south moraine of the Perito Moreno glacier, for about an hour until you reach an amazing lookout point to access the glacier. After fitting harnesses and crampons on your footwear the ice trekking starts.
Once on the glacier with the crampons on, the world around you takes a different perspective: blue lagoons, deep cravasses, huge gullies, magical caves, and above all the special feeling of being in the heart of a glacier.
Expert mountain guides will always lead you, exploring together for approximately three and a half hours the corners of the most special glacier in the world. During the hiking the guides will teach you about the ice and its surroundings. You will also spend half an hour having lunch somewhere on the ice and will be astonished by a place of incomparable beauty. Back on the moraine, you will walk for another hour back to the port, to take the boat and sail for 20 minutes, very close to the southern wall of the Perito Moreno glacier to return to the "civilization" after having enjoyed the most spectacular trekking on ice in the world.

• Restrictions: Due to the degree of physical effort and difficulty that this excursion presents, it is only aimed at fit people between 18 and 50 years old, especially considering that it includes a 7-hour walk on ice and in the forest.
It is not allowed for people with overweight -to this effect people meeting the following criteria will be considered overweighted: the weight in kg exceeding twice the height in cm minus 100 (for instance, for a person 1.70 m tall: 170 minus 100 = 70 multiplied by 2 = 140); pregnant women, people with some type of disability, physical or mental, that may affect their attention, walk and/or coordination; people with problems central or peripheral cardiovascular disease, diminished heart or vascular capacity, people with stent, pacemaker or other prosthetics; people taking anticoagulant medicine, with 3rd degree varicose veins -which are thick and multiple- cardiac arrhythmia, people with diseases that can trigger respiratory conditions (COPD, asthma, emphysema, etc.).

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