Santa Cruz, Patagonia Argentina

El Chaltén - National Trekking Capital

From El Chaltén there are several well marked trails, both within the National Park and private properties. In addition, there are excursions and activities organized for everyone: sailing to the Viedma Glacier (the largest one in the National Park) with the option of trekking on it, sailing the Del Desierto Lake from the south to the north point, where you can walk along several trails, visit La Leona Petrified Forest, etc.
Panorámica Glaciar Perito Moreno

Most of these trails do not require any previous mountain trekking experience, only bring in good shape. With a little effort and spending little time, you can visit lookout points with spectacular panoramic views. You don't need to walk the trails described in this section with a guide, but you may want to hire their services for ease of mind or to learn all the secrets of the place.

Some popular trekking are:
Approximate walking time to reach)
- Los Cóndores (condor) and Las Águilas (eagles) lookouts (40 min.).
- Capri Lagoon (2 hours)
- Torre Lagoon (6 hours)
- De los Tres Lagoon (8 hours)



El Chaltén is ideal for those who want to discover nature at its best.
In this almost inhabited latitude wildlife finds, in the valleys and mountains, a paradise that on the most part is still virgin, unaware of human presence and pollution. In fact, several beings can only exist in these conditions, the huemul -endangered endemic species- still has a space of its own to fight for its survival, resisting the slow but gradual habitat deterioration.
While walking along the quiet forests of El Chaltén, attention must be paid to the different sounds of birds, most of the time hidden rather than visible. You will be surprised by the calm around you... and probably while surrounded by so much life and contemplating the beauty and vastness of the mountains and glaciers, just like that, you will find yourself in the "silence", a long time extinct "species" in the big cities, and one that you may not even know.


General characteristics of the El Chaltén climate may be summed up in one word: "unpredictable." Wind is a constant presence, especially between October and March, but any month can be windy. You must know that during the southern summer, December 21st to March 20th, days with no wind are rare. The sudden temperature changes and appearance of dense clouds, heavy rain and even snow, during the same day that started sunny and clear (and the other way round) are characteristic and may surprise the tourists when walking along the trails. For that reason, always take with you warm and all-weather clothes, even if it is a beautiful day.
Temperature: during the months with a larger amount of tourists -form October to April- temperature is warm and in the two high season months -January and February- the days are rather hot, but during the nights it can easily drop to 5° C or below.

Other Activities:

El Chaltén offers a unique scenery for those who want to experience new emotions while doing their favorite activity or sport.
Other Popular Activities:
- Sport fishing
- Horse riding
- Mountain bike rides
- Driving
- Bouldering.

View of the incredible Mount Fitz Roy and the town of El Chalten

Arriving at El Chaltén.

A amazing view of Fitz Roy from Laguna Capri, 2 hours of trekking from the village.

From the office of Rangers a view of the main hills.


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